Counting Bee™ Procedures and Scoring System

Download the Procedures & Scoring System

The Counting Bee™ is an annual, fast paced, and exciting STEM competition in which contestants are asked to calculate a broad selection of skip counting patterns with a varying degree of difficulty.

The Counting Bee is open for K-12 students at all public, private, charter, and home schools.

Contestants will be placed in the appropriate age group based upon their age on the date of the finals.

All contestants will start at Level 3 (count by 3) and then go up one level at a time (Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, etc.)

The contestant will be given a random starting number and asked to count by the level number. For example, in Level 3 the teacher might say “Start at 4, Count by 3, GO!”

To check the answers, the teacher can enter into the calculator ‘4 + 3 =’ and continue to hit equals each time the contestant says the next answer.

The starting number can not be a multiple of the level number.

Based on a 15-second countdown, contestants will race to calculate as many correct answers as possible.

A minimum of 7 correct answers are needed for that level to count. Once the contestant gets less than 7 correct answers in a level, they do not advance to the next level.

The score for each level is calculated by subtracting the starting number from the last correct answer calculated.

For example, the contestant starts at 4 and counts by 3. The last correct answer within the 15 seconds is 34. Therefore 34 – 4 = 30 points.

A cumulative total of all the levels completed successfully will be the contestant’s final score.

The top 10 final scores from each age category will be invited to Mesa for the finals on November 8.

Age categories include;

  • – 9 years old and under
  • – 10-12 years old
  • – 13-18 years old
  • – Teachers
  • – Sponsors
  • – Celebrities


Please submit your top scores for each age category at

If you have a tie or very close scores in the same age category, please submit those students’ scores as well.